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PEDS Legwear, formerly known as Richelieu Legwear, is an international legwear company. It manufactures socks and hosiery. The Simard family founded Richelieu Legwear in Sorel, Quebec in 1934. The family gained prominence in the region as shipbuilders and owners of Marine Industries Limited (M.I.L.). Richelieu grew to eventually employee over 600 people in Quebec at its peak in 2002. The Simards maintained ownership of Richelieu until 1997, when Harvey Penner a Montreal businessman who joined Richelieu in the 1960s as a sales manager bought out the Simards and became president of Richelieu Knitting. He remained with the company until 2006 when he sold the Richelieu Hosiery division to his son, Michael D. Penner, who is currently president and CEO.

The company suffered in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when unfavorable exchange rates, competition from China and other lower costs countries impacted the Canadian manufacturing industry. Like many other Canadian textile companies, Richelieu moved production off-shore or risk going bankrupt.

In 2011, PEDS Legwear invested $7 million to buy the assets of International Legwear Group (ILG), a failing sock company based in Burke County (Hildebran), North Carolina. The assets included the PEDS and MediPEDS brands In 2014, Richelieu Legwear changed its name to PEDS Legwear to better reflect its new main brand.

PEDS Legwear has offices in Montreal, Quebec; Hildebran, North Carolina; and Shanghai, China.

Many customers are complaining about the recent poor manufacturing of these peds products: "I have loved peds for years. Mostly because of the fit and they never creep down into my shoe. However, they must have a new factory. I had to discard all of these peds because of the huge knots at the toes. They wore against my toes and shoes. i tried cutting the knots off and only made holes in the socks. Painful." "Quality is not impressive and the fit is a bit funky. It feel like I'm stretching out the lower heel portion but then there's excess fabric on the upper heel. Also they do not wash up well at all." "Very disappointed in these socks. Although they are very comfortable, they ride down terribly, especially when I'm running out even walking at a brisk pace. Would not recommend if you want socks that don't slide down."


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Stacker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"This job was way too hard working for what you were getting paid for. Im not sure about other position, but you don't want to be a stacker or boarder at all. It is the the most repetitive and fast pace job ever. You may think "Oh they're just socks how possibly hard can it be?" But trust me. This will make you go crazy because you stand in one spot and don't move at all until break times. Not that you can't move around and stretch here and there, but what help does that do when you been standing for too long. This is the only reason why it's lost stars for me. Other than that, employees and MANAGEMENT is awesome. Thank goodness there is a awesome management right? And you can never go wrong with awesome employees!"

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